This project is probably one of the largest, if not the largest, shoot so far both physically and with the amount of prep and post that went into it.
The goal of the project was to have the entire lineup that is being offered by Subaru Canada in 2023 in one expansive photograph. This created a number of challenges including logistics, availability of vehicles and the location itself.
Embarking on this project, I knew right off the bat, that there were going to be a lot of hours that go into it and I was ready for it. 
The image above is the final that was displayed during the Toronto Auto Show this Feb 2023 and was printed to a massive 22FT width!
It was comprised of 4 separate major shoots. Due to vehicle availability, each shoot had only three vehicles. Each of the cars were shot individually, all being lined up the same distance from the camera with the same angles as needed based on the lineup. The exact height of the tripod and exact settings for the camera were used throughout each of the 3 shoots.
A separate shoot was scheduled for shooting the background plate as well.
Because Subarus are AWD vehicles, a winter scene photograph also had to be made. Background came from a supplied backplate here in Canada.
As a result, the image build and project took over 6 months to complete.
To give some specific details, the 22FT image as a photoshop file is 61GB in size. Last October I had purchased a fully specced 16" MacBook Pro, and even with a very powerful machine, the file took 15minutes to load in photoshop, and over 55 minutes just to save!
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